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Gym class
We 202 Essentials Logo Town Center Aventura Mall
The future of fitness is here! We202 is a boutique fitness studio that uses wireless EMS technology (Electro Muscle Stimulation), throughout our 20 minute full body workout classes. Our fitness classes are for people of all ages and fitness levels. We offer small group classes that are always led by a certified trainer. Our clients wear a comfortable, wirelsss powersuit that is controlled by our trainer on a smart tablet that allows the trainer to customize each persons workout. This technology takes your workout to the next level and offers you the same results you would achieve by working out in a gym for 2-3 hours in only 20 minutes! We encourage clients to do our wirless EMS 20 minute workout twice a week for optimal results. Come visit us today and start working out smarter, not harder!
305 -974- 5883